Vaccine mercury conspiracy theorists.- an overview.

One of my pet fascinations over the years are the likes of Wakefield and Tommey and the Age of Autism website people.  This week Dan Olmstead, lynchpin and editor of Age of Autism was revealed to have died.  No one is saying how so far but I am sure it will be attributed to some great conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry in general.  There is no fooling those people.

What fascinates me about the writing I find online by such people is that sooner or later, it proves to be far less than it appears.  This very day in The Times, it was revealed that the Curzon cinema Soho pulled a private booking screening of the Vaxxed film.  An article dated last year reckoned that it was supposed to be premiered in the UK last june in the same venue.

Point is, if you just study the behaviour of this actually quite small group and their writings and attempts to connect with mainstream science and the press, patterns emerge.  A constant self view that puts the judgement of the likes of Wakefield above and beyond the medical establishment that stripped him of his doctorate.  An insular community of virtually entirely parents of autistic people supporting them.  Invariably young autistic children, who are problematic rather than ‘relatively functional’.  Also some parents defining themselves as ‘vaccine damaged’ too.  Or rather, if you read their attitude and style, people who reckon they or their children fall short of standards for human ability and function that they set themselves.

Losers in the race of life.  Lesser people because of their neurodiversity.  Abnormal folk with this ever present and shared standard of normality and ability that autism has deprived their children and sometimes themselves of.

Relatively low functioning people.  Brain damaged.  Retarded.  Vaccine damaged.

But thankfully they have their own community of brave freedom fighters that support them in their science fiction quest against mighty evil corporations and the governments they bribe and collude with.

One day President Trumps acknowledgement will lead to proper and unbiased study proving their beliefs RIGHT.  Then the world will know that autism is not just a man made epidemic.  It will also know that neurodiversity is a DISEASE, A PERVERSION AND A SICKNESS.  Humanity will, overnight, earn the right to HATE AND DESPISE the mental disease that has stolen so many children’s minds from their families.  Neurodiversity as a concept will come to mean accepting and being nice to the retarded, the damaged and the sick neurotypicals.  There will be no spectrum any more, merely the ill and the well.

Just think about the above frame of reference.  See how cold blooded, facist, ableist and simple it is?  Hate difference.  Want cures to make people normal.  Get your children back to normal.  The way there were before the vaccines.  Eliminate or at least acknowledge brain damage.  For Wakefield himself wrote on line…AUTISM REALLY IS THE MOST TERRIBLE DISEASE.

I assumed when I wrote this that Wakefield used that phrase in an exchange with one of his supporters as a trigger phrase to get on the right side of them.  To bond with them.  This suggests to me that these so called ‘parents motivated by love of their children’ are actually motivated as much by the hatred of anything that is not what their group considers normal.  which is behind the scenes a very facist and nasty attitude.  I thought this close band of parents where the good guys?  The people who tell the truth and care?  What is all this aggressive and nasty business against autism then?  Oh, but they see it is nothing but a disease and a disorder.  Illness, like plague or the diseases they seek to encourage by stigmatising vaccines.  Which is what they do but always deny.

So by now you see that if you pay as much attention to the personalities involved, patterns emerge.  One comment on the Age of Autism site back in 2011 when they were attacking Ari Ne Man went…YOU CANNOT LEAVE A CHILD IN A STATE LIKE THAT.  I KNOW WHAT THIS NEURODIVERSITY IS?  IT IS EVIL.  At the time the last sentence was what fascinated me.  But later on I considered more and more the first one.  This massive generalisation about autistic children being ‘in a state’.  The point blank command that all autistic children had to be cured.  That something must be done about their being autistic.

Question is, what if all these people’s parents were functional autistics as I was as a nipper?  Would they be believing all this vaccines/mercury/autism business.  Do you get the feeling they would not?  Yes, exactly my point if you do.  Would they have a vicious and hateful attitude to autism if their kids were able to lead the kind of life I did?  Hey, it was not perfect.  Bullying in school, lots of inability to achieve in any forma academic way.  But still I was relatively okay.  I could work around my weaknesses.

See?  What is the precedent with these parents?  That their kids are dysfunctional by their standards rather than that they are autistic children?  That they cannot compete and achieve and lead normal adult lives in the future (they think).  That’s the thing I want to leave you with – the urge to work out just what it is these vaccine/mercury people are fixated on.

Is it either their children lack of competitive ability, or the fact that they do not share the same  neurodiverse nature as they do?  Or, that they have natures that they reject because they make nosies and gestures that their own parents despise and see as inferior, weak and stupid.  Great language to use about your own children, eh?  But tell me?  Whereabouts is the unconditional love and acceptance in all of this? No matter who and what their own children are, do they really love them?

Or are they below standards.

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